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Private Percussion Lessons

Dr. Daniel Heagney's studio is located in Burke, VA. He is currently accepting students of all ages interested in studying concert percussion, marching percussion, or drum set. His previous students have achieved numerous honors, including positions in numerous Virginia District Bands, All-Virginia Band and Orchestra, All-Virginia Jazz Band, and many have gone on to major in music and have successful careers of their own. 

Lesson curriculums are always tailored to each student's needs and interests. My pedagogical approach is to ensure that a percussionist is well-rounded in the numerous instruments and genres that they are interested in learning. Generally, all of my students learn the core concert instruments [snare, timpani, and keyboard percussion], marching/rudimental techniques, and drum set. 

For students that are interested in pursuing a more diverse curriculum I also teach multi-percussion, hand percussion, and improvisation. 

Music theory is typically worked into the study of keyboard percussion and timpani as a way to understand the music, but if you wish for me to set aside a portion of each lesson to talk exclusively about theory that could be arranged.

Areas of Study

Concert Percussion

Snare drum, timpani, and mallet instruments are the core of concert percussion. Lessons would focus on these three but would also include the plethora of accessory instruments.

Marching Percussion

Rudimental percussion technique is inextricably linked to nearly all modern percussion. My curriculum focuses on rudimental snare drumming. Tenors and bass drum can be incorporated at the student's request

Drum Set

Rock, jazz, funk, pop, and countless styles from around the globe will all be covered. Drum set study covers multiple styles, chart reading, improvisation, and embellishment.

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